Welcome To Leo's Place!
About Leo’s Place (oh yea, you really want to know this!)

We'll it's been a while since I updated the site I changed a few links and added a couple more.This is just a place to pick up a few bits of info, and cruise the web. 

Fargo's Notes

1. Don't run across the freeway in rush hour traffic!
2. Make sure you have your anti-virus program updated monthly!
3. Make sure your harness is connected when you say, ramp coming up!
4. Don't teas the Grunt's they'll make you pay for it! It's not their fault!
5. Never Slap a door with your hand in it! (don't say you've never done it!)
6. Remember after you eat that "Finger Licking Chicken" with hot sauce, Don't rub your eyes!!!

Be safe and remember that old crews don't die, they just park in the hanger till the next flight!

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